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Governance and Community Engagement

Token Holders are at the heart of Sensay’s governance. The primary role involves voting on decisions, including platform updates, strategic partnerships, and community changes. Token holders will have varying voting weights based on the number of tokens staked, ensuring a balanced and fair representation of active participants in the platform. The number of tokens held by an individual directly correlates to their voting power.

Process for Proposals and Voting: Token holders can propose initiatives through a dedicated portal. Proposals require a minimum support threshold of 10% from the community to move forward to a vote.

Voting is conducted on a secure section of our staking platform, ensuring transparency and integrity. Votes are tallied based on the weight of tokens staked, and outcomes are implemented based on majority decisions. Some decisions may require a supermajority. Decisions may also require minimum participation from the community to be validated.

Community Engagement: Digital forums will be established for open discussions, feedback, and suggestions from the community. These forums will be moderated to maintain constructive and respectful dialogue. Official channels will be indicated by the Sensay website.

Regular virtual town hall meetings and AMAs will be conducted, allowing direct interaction between the Sensay team, token holders, and community members. These sessions aim to foster a sense of community and provide updates on the platform’s progress.

Regular, comprehensive reports will be published, detailing platform developments, voting outcomes, and executive decisions. This ensures transparency and accountability in Sensay’s operations, ensuring they are well-informed about Sensay’s trajectory.

Participation in exclusive events, such as beta testing of new features, seminars with industry leaders, and networking events, will be a privilege for token holders.