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Partnerships & Integrations

Sensay has partnered with some of the leading projects in Web3 and AI to help develop the best possible Digital Replicas.

HyperSignID: We're working with HyperSignID to implement on-chain verification of replicas and authorisation for automated tasks.

LayerZero: Using the LayerZero OFT enables Sensay to deploy to multiple blockchains seamlessly.

Banyan Computer: Banyan's End-to-End encrypted decentralised storage will form the foundation of user and replica data in the Sensay platform.

Elevenlabs: Our Elevenlabs integration brings the most advanced text to voice system and voice replication to our Replicas.

Fetch AI: Fetch's incredible AI Agents enable Sensay Replicas to complete tasks autonomously.

Speechmatics: Speechmatics enables simple, efficient voice to text input for users.

Carbon: To increase the simplicity of training Replicas, Carbon's software enables the extraction of key data from large files.

Future Partners: Partnerships and Integrations will be announced regularly via our official channels.

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