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The tokenomics of the $SNSY token are designed to create a sustainable and thriving platform within Sensay, supporting our mission in digital replication. The $SNSY token sale and distribution will be done via a fair public sale. There will be no pre-sale or private sale.

Launch Date: Q1 2024 Sale Duration: 2 weeks Target Launch Price: $0.001 per token. Purchase Limits: Minimum $100, Maximum $200,000 per participant. Network: Ethereum Primary DEX: Uniswap

Participation Requirements:

  • Participants must register an account on to be whitelisted for the launch.
  • Participants must use an ERC20-compatible wallet.
  • Excludes participants from specified restricted countries. As of December 2023, the list of restricted countries is Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Central African Republic, China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Guinea, Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, India, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Kazakhstan, Mali, Myanmar, Qatar, Oman, Morocco, Nepal, Nicaragua, North Macedonia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe

The token will be available to buy or sell via Uniswap as an official Decentralised Exchange (DEX) from its IDO (Initial DEX Offering) and thereafter. Later plans may include listing $SNSY tokens on major other centralised and decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges. Token holders will also be able to create their own liquidity pools on Decentralised Exchanges. We will actively manage the token's presence on our official exchanges through market-making strategies and partnerships.


  • Public Sale: 20% (2,000,000,000 tokens) to foster widespread community involvement.
  • Platform Development: 15% (1,500,000,000 tokens) for ongoing enhancements and features development of the Sensay platform. Monthly unlock over 48 months.
  • Team and Advisors: 10% (1,000,000,000 tokens) with a 6-month cliff and vesting period of 4 years to ensure long-term commitment. 5% (50,000,000 tokens) will be distributed at public sale.
  • Future Team: 10% (1,000,000,000 tokens) to be offered to future employees, advisors, and team members as incentives, salary and bonuses. Vesting over 4 years.
  • Community Incentives: 10% (1,000,000,000 tokens) for user engagement, staking rewards, and community growth.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: 5% (500,000,000 tokens) to build and strengthen the Sensay network. Monthly unlock over 48 months.
  • Marketing: 10% (1,000,000,000 tokens) for broad-scale marketing and promotional activities to achieve aggressive growth and brand awareness. Including social to earn, and learn to earn initiatives.
  • Exchange Listings: 5% (500,000,000 tokens) to ensure liquidity and accessibility across cryptocurrency exchanges. Monthly unlock over 48 months.
  • Reserve Fund: 15% (1,500,000,000 tokens) set aside for unforeseen expenses, contingencies, and strategic initiatives. Monthly unlock over 48 months.

Token Mechanisms:

Deflationary Supply: The $SNSY token has a fixed supply of 10,000,000,000. Tokens may be burned from time to time as part of community activities, or business operations.

Liquidity Provision: Tokens may be used within the Sensay platform to purchase subscriptions and other goods and services within the platform. A portion of these tokens will be locked into official DEX. The LP token for this locked liquidity will be kept indefinitely in the Sensay Treasury.

Anti-Sniper Bots: Initial Hourly Buy Limit: For the first 24 hours post-launch, there will be a maximum buy limit per wallet. No wallet can purchase more than 0.5% of the total supply within an hour. This prevents bots from accumulating large quantities right at the launch.

Smart Contract with Anti-Bot Code: We will implement a smart contract feature that analyzes transaction patterns in real-time. If a transaction is flagged as potential bot activity (like trying to buy and sell large quantities in quick succession), it will automatically reject or limit the transaction.

Team & Advisor Vesting Schedules: A 36-month vesting schedule with a 6-month cliff. This means for the first 180 days, no tokens are vested.

Influencer Participants and Marketing Allocations: A 12-month vesting period with a 3-month cliff. For the first three months, no tokens are vested. After this period, tokens are vested and released monthly, reducing any impact on the market.

Multi-Chain Future: The $SNSY token will be developed with a LayerZero OFT (Omnichain Fungible Token). The Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) Standard allows fungible tokens to be transferred across multiple blockchains without asset wrapping or middlechains. The OFT will enable $SNSY to be deployed to Arbitrum to enable fast, cheap transactions of the utility token within the Sensay platform.