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The Sensay roadmap outlines a strategic and phased approach to the development of the Sensay platform and integration of the $SNSY token and the expansion of the Sensay community. A few of the key milestones are:

  1. Launch a pilot program with 10 public figures with a significant social media following.
  2. Achieve a 0.5% market share in the AI-driven content creation segment
  3. Establish and implement a comprehensive intellectual property rights framework for AI-generated content.
  4. Target a 1% market share among public figures and social media account owners
  5. Achieving a 1% market share of high-income dementia patients using Sensay (220,000 users) leading to over $40m ARR.
  6. Development, public sale and integration of the token into the Sensay platform for transactions and access to features.
  7. Driving of platform development and expansion to international markets
  8. Expansion into new use cases and markets.
  9. Replication to include video, AR and VR outputs.
  10. API development to enable Sensay to integrate into third party platforms.
  11. Native iOS and Android app deployment
  12. Monetisation opportunities for replicas
  13. Development of advanced AI & ML algorithms capable of creating digital replicas of any individual.
  14. Autonomous Digital Replicas with Decentralized Identity Verification via blockchain
  15. Increase market share in the subscription and Q&A segment by 2% within the first year of full release.
  16. Launch customized learning modules aiming for a 1% market share in the e-learning sector.
  17. Form brand partnerships for sponsored intellectual collaborations, aiming for a 1% market share in influencer marketing.
  18. Host exclusive webinars and online events, targeting a 1% market share in the online events industry.
  19. Expand service offerings to international markets, focusing on achieving a 1% market share in new regions.
  20. Secure a 2% market share in the global AI social media segment after international expansion.
  21. Enhance AI algorithms to capture a larger share in the AI personalization market.
  22. Penetrate new industries with AI replicas, targeting a 1% market share in each new sector.