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Creating a disclaimer for your website, particularly for a platform like Sensay, involves addressing several key points to ensure that users are fully informed about the nature of your services and the limitations thereof. Here's a suggested detailed disclaimer, taking inspiration from the example you provided:


Please be aware that Sensay, through its platform and services, aims to offer innovative digital solutions and experiences. However, it's important to understand the following:

  1. Nature of Services: Sensay's offerings, including digital replicas and related services, are not traditional financial products. Users should understand that the services provided are unique to Sensay's technology and approach.

  2. Regulatory Status: Sensay is not regulated by any financial authority or regulatory body. As such, the offerings and services provided do not come with the same assurances or protections as those of regulated entities.

  3. Token Use: The SNSY token is a utility token designed for use within the Sensay ecosystem. It should not be regarded as an investment, security, or any form of financial instrument. Acquire SNSY tokens only for their intended utility and in quantities that you will actually use.

  4. No Guarantee of Outcomes: Sensay does not guarantee specific outcomes or benefits from the use of its platform or services. Users should engage with the platform understanding this aspect.

  5. Access and Usage Restrictions: Our services and website are not intended for everyone. Users from certain jurisdictions may be restricted or prohibited from accessing our services. Ensure that your access and use of Sensay's platform are in compliance with local laws and regulations. The $SNSY token is not for sale or use by citizens of the United States of America for any purpose, acquired by any method.

  6. Risk and Responsibility: Users should be aware that engagement with Sensay's platform and services involves certain risks. Users assume full responsibility for understanding these risks and the nature of Sensay's offerings.

  7. Seek Professional Advice: It is advisable for users to consult with financial, legal, and professional advisors to understand the suitability of Sensay's services for their specific circumstances.

  8. Excluded Persons and Jurisdictions: Sensay's services are not intended for individuals or entities from certain jurisdictions or those involved in activities that are not compliant with international standards and regulations. It's crucial to review and understand these exclusions before engaging with our platform.

This disclaimer is not exhaustive and does not cover all aspects and nuances of Sensay's services. Users are encouraged to thoroughly review all available information and seek professional advice as needed.