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$SNSY Token

The $SNSY token is an Ethereum-based digital asset designed to facilitate transactions with the Sensay platform, access Sensay services, grow our platform, empower data ownership, and give exclusive access to unique features.

Token Contract: 0x82a605D6D9114F4Ad6D5Ee461027477EeED31E34 - Ethereum Network

0x3124678D62D2aa1f615B54525310fbfDa6DcF7AE - Arbitrum & Base Networks

The $SNSY token is available via MEXC Exchange and Uniswap on Ethereum: Click Here to go to Uniswap

The $SNSY token is available via Sushiswap on Arbitrum and Base: Click Here to go to Sushiswap

WARNING We have been made aware of fake $SNSY Tokens launched into the market. Be careful, always DYOR.

Subscriptions: The Sensay token can be used to pay for subscriptions with a discount on the normal pricing. This includes creating replicas of loved ones, exclusive interactions with AI-generated historical figures, and personalized memory recreation services.

Data, Knowledge & Replica Marketplace: Using the $SNSY token a marketplace will be created for the Replicas and the data they contain. This will enable users to buy and sell proprietary information, skills, and knowledge held by their Replica. Likewise, the rights to the Replica itself could be traded in the marketplace as an NFT.

Platform Interactions: Various platform interactions will use the $SNSY token. This includes incentivizing replica creators to promote their replicas for interactions and be rewarded.

Staking: Token holders can stake $SNSY to earn rewards and participate in governance.

Rewarding Participation: Users and caregivers can earn tokens through active participation, such as using the app, contributing to the community, sharing insights, or participating in surveys, joining events and providing feedback.

Governance and Voting: Token holders can vote on platform decisions, including certain new features, partnerships, and community projects, giving them a voice in the platform’s evolution.

Access to exclusive investor community events and opportunities: Token holders will be invited to participate in exclusive community events. The token may be used for certain community events as incentives for active participation. Token holders will be given the first access to future opportunities, including investment opportunities in Sensay.

Philanthropic Initiatives: Tokens can be donated to offer subscriptions to the Sensay platform for individuals from lower-income communities.

Further Blockchain Implementations within the Sensay Platform:

Decentralized Identity: In a future where digital replication is possible and the Replicas are indistinguishable online from the person they represent, a form of verifiable authorization will become essential. For this purpose, we will integrate certain Web3 Identification services like WorldID by Worldcoin, ENS, PolygonID, or HyperID.

Decentralized data storage & ZKML: Due to the sensitive nature of the data the Sensay platform collects, decentralized data storage and Zero Knowledge Machine Learning may be integrated into the Sensay platform to improve security and privacy.